, Timeshare Taskforce and Timeshare Business Check

February 25 2019 is run by Mr. Christopher Anthony Emmins who confirms that his entities are funded by the Resort Development Organisation (RDO) i.e. timeshare companies.

Mr. Emmins has resigned from 4 companies and held 17 appointments at 17 dissolved companies, you can view this information directly by clicking this link

Chris Emmins states that he helps consumers to take direct action against fraudsters:-

“We have been delighted to having helped many victims of fraud and deceit from individuals, maliciously attacked on line to major businesses who have been mis-represented.” Is he seriously suggesting that these major businesses, the timeshare industry, is being mis-represented and not the consumer?

It is astonishing that no timeshare resort has ever been criticised or condemned, even those which have entered into bankruptcy, whereby timeshare owners have lost all future rights to take holidays.

Kwikchex is not interested in assisting timeshare owners when they complain against members of the RDO. We are in receipt of hundreds of horror stories (witness statements from consumers who have been mis-represented at the point of sale by RDO members). Many of these clients were subject to high pressure selling using psychological and manipulative practices. They were given misleading information and many of them were elderly or in bad health, leading these consumers to take out expensive bank loans which they could not really afford.

When clients complained to their resort they were referred to Kwikchex who would give them free advice as to any concerns or questions about their timeshare ownership and at the same time, discrediting any company which offered retribution to these consumers.

Consumers are given the impression that Kwikchex offers an independent advisory service but their existence in reality, is to protect the timeshare industry. Kwikchex claim that they work with Trading Standards, the Competition and Markets Office, the Ministry of Justice, the Information Commissioners office and the Insolvency Service.

They also claim to assist the police with regard to investigation into fraudulent practices. Once again, no member of the RDO is ever reported.

One of the members of the RDO is called Azure Services Limited, a Maltese company which sells timeshare at the Azure Island Residence Club together with related finance. The company, Azure Services Limited, was not authorised to carry on these related services being credit brokering on behalf of Barclays Partner Finance (BPF) until 25-04-16. Prior to this however, Azure Services Limited brokered 1,444 unregulated loans through BPF, totalling approximately£47 million.

These Azure timeshare purchasers were told that after 2 years Azure would resell their timeshare at a considerable profit. This of course, never happened and clients were stuck with a valueless timeshare and a bank loan which, with interest, doubled the amount borrowed.

At a recent case, the Upper Tribunal instructed the Financial Conduct Authority to investigate these loans which is the current position.

Kwikchex has never mentioned this major scam of course, because Azure Services Limited is an RDO member.

Other major resorts belonging to the RDO are Diamond Resorts, Anfi Sales, CLC World Resorts and Hotels and many others. In the past 2 years numerous cases have been brought against these companies and other RDO members, principally in Spain with a 90% success rate, being that the contracts that were issued fell foul of the Spanish timeshare legal requirements. TO SEE EXAMPLES OF JURISDICTIONAL MIS-SELLING AND IRREGULAR CONTRACTS BY RDO RESORTS PLEASE CLICK HERE

Here is another example:-

“Diamond resorts agrees to pay $800,000 for alleged customer deception”

See link for full details:

But of course no mention of this by Kwikchex the crusader for timeshare consumer deception.

Again we reiterate that Kwikchex, Timeshare Taskforce and Timeshare Business Check have no interest in reporting any wrongdoings by the timeshare industry and have no interest in protecting consumers against mis-selling and breach of contract by any RDO member.

Timeshare crusader Kwikchex pulls the wool over Trading Standards

June 03 2019

In reply to the article published by the RDO (the timeshare industry) on 28th June 2019 and reproduced by  who control Timeshare Task Force, both of which are financed by the RDO, we comment as follows:

Firstly, International Timeshare Refund Action Limited (ITRA) has not seen any evidence that ITRA, a company registered in the Seychelles and has been wound up.

It is true that ITRA ceased trading 2.5 years ago being insolvent.

It is also true that all cases in process with Maxima 1 Legal S.L. (M1 Legal) covering the Spanish jurisdiction and all cases in process with Messrs. Pinder Reaux covering English and off-shore jurisdictions for which clients of ITRA paid an upfront fee have not been abandoned and the continuance of their cases is being financed by European Consumer Claims (ECC).

ITRA clients are being contacted by ITRA offering the services of ECC on the same terms which they had with ITRA providing they sign a new contract with ECC.  No ITRA clients have been asked to pay any further fees.

It is ridiculous to advise ITRA clients not to sign ECC contracts as the alternative is to cancel their cases with the above lawyers and lose not only their monies paid in advance, but the compensation and the cancellation of their timeshare contracts which are currently being pursued.

Bearing in mind that should ITRA be wound up having no assets, a liquidator would not have any monies to realise and would not be in a position to finance the ongoing litigation.

Why would Kwikchex advise over 1000 clients to forego their claims for no good reason? The reason is obvious. All these claims are against the timeshare industry represented by the RDO.

There is only one judgement that caused the attempt to wind up ITRA.

ITRA was responsible for the creation of the RCI Action Group which had 15,000 members. There was no fee to become a member of the group and albeit the claim against RCI was unsuccessful, no costs were incurred by the members.

ITRA had 2964 contracts and successfully cancelled 1790 ownerships. 562 cases have been submitted to the UK law firm Messrs. Pinder Reaux and 520 cases were submitted to the law firm M1 Legal.

It is not true that Andrew Cooper controlled ITRA.  Andrew Cooper was a minority shareholder, the controlling person being Mr Peter Utal who unfortunately died 15 months ago after a long spell of cancer.

It is true that Andrew Cooper is the sole director of ECC Limited and was also the director of two English companies which were wound up by the UK authorities.

It is true that ECC is a group of companies based in England, USA and Spain. Who confirmed that the USA company had no employees?

Historically ECC had a functional office in Gibraltar which no longer exists but certainly was not false.

It is not true that the director of the ECC USA company has ever been registered in the Bahamas and therefore ECC has no interest as to whether this company has been struck off as it had no connection with ECC.

As far as M1 Legal is concerned, this was set up by an experienced Spanish lawyer Patricia Criado who was the sole shareholder. She recruited 11 additional lawyers together with legal assistants. Andrew cooper had no input on the creation of M1 legal. Once it had been established it was financed by ECC.  M1 Legal is now one of Spain's top specialist legal firms with regards to timeshare problems.