Hundreds of claims helping timeshare consumers  – where is

Hundreds of claims helping timeshare consumers – where is promote themselves as the trusted independent advisory service along with and and have even gone to the lengths of obtaining recognition with Trading Standards and stating you can “buy with confidence. “ has given it’s seal of approval to many resorts without mentioning the thousands of claims against them. however, behind this façade a different story is revealed.

The Truth Revealed

Did you know that is funded by the Resort Development Organisation (RDO) and in layman’s terms this means the timeshare resorts themselves are paying to represent them as bono fide and reputable timeshare companies. You can see the full list of RDO members here This is why you will NEVER see negative stories about any timeshare resort published by

Their aim is to use this vehicle i.e. to discredit ANY company that claims against a timeshare resort protecting their financial interests.

This can be evidenced by some simple investigation online. On this link you will find a playlist on YouTube of Silverpoint resorts VERIFIED by any member of the public viewing the above would be given the impression that they can buy with confidence at any of these resorts yet Spanish Law firm M1 legal & CLA alone provided us some historical figures relating to Claims against SILVERPOINT: at this point in time there are:

M1 Legal

  • Total Silverpoint judgments: 2019 (3) 2018 (6)
  • Total Silverpoint cases submitted: 71
  • Total Silverpoint pending cases: Already assigned (22) Ready for lawyers (16)


  • Total Silverpoint cases: 358

Timeshare Claims Company Positioning Statements

We reached out to a few leading timeshare claims companies in order to present to you the volume of claims that have/and are currently going through the Spanish and UK courts.

Tess Law

As of 25th March 2019, TESS Law have assisted in the presentation of 987 cases, 164 have settled delivering £1.4 million in damages and 352 are in settlement negotiations.

You can read their full statement here

Canarian Legal Alliance (CLA)

As of 22nd March 2019, CLA is representing 1460 live legal cases in the Spanish courts. From this number 778 are claims against Anfi Group, 358 against Resort Properties/Silverpoint, 89 against Club La Costa and the rest being various companies.

To date they have received 829 favourable sentences, with a claim volume of €37.3 million Euros.

You can read their full statement here

Maxima 1 Legal (M1 Legal)

To date, M1 Legal have secured 83 victories totalling £1.7 million. In 2019 alone they have secured 46 totalling £702,089 plus 21 Jurisdiction cases primarily against Club La Costa which have now been re-submitted for judgement.

You can read their full statement here

I think you will agree that this documented information is showing a huge volume of cases against the timeshare industry yet have not published anything about these legal actions and judgements. If Mr. Emmins is the consumer champion, why has he remained silent and not published a single statement regarding all these cases?

Judgements provided by M1 legal

If you would like to look at some sample judgements issued in the Spanish courts, you can click here.

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