European Consumer Claims Limited (ECC)

ECC commenced to trade in July, 2016 under the name of European Claims Centre Limited and subsequently changed its name to European Consumer Claims Limited.

The reason for this change of name, albeit of course the same legal entity, was that the word ‘Centre’ inferred that there was a consumer complaints centre where people could get free advice!

In order to make it clear that ECC did not run an advisory centre, it changed its name to European Consumer Claims Limited.

Without the involvement of Peter Utal and the newly appointed management team, the company was able to go forward in a professional manner with a tremendous amount of experience.

Its first function was to assure the UK lawyers, Messrs. Pinder Reaux and the Spanish lawyers Maxima 1 Legal SL., that all ITRA cases in the hands of these lawyers would continue to be financed by ECC, which is the current position.

ECC is also liaising with lawyers in several other jurisdictions, e.g., Portugal, Cyprus, Scotland and the Isle of Man where timeshare legislation has not been tested through the courts.

It was becoming more and more clear that most resorts had implemented an exit policy which included a termination fee plus the signing of a disclaimer that no client would take action against a resort for any mis-selling or breach of timeshare legislation.

From a legal point of view, particularly in Spain, it is important that the client is still a registered timeshare owner with the resort at the time a claim is submitted to the court.

Many clients have accepted an exit policy from their resorts and by signing the disclaimer clause they have rendered themselves ineligible to claim.

It is important that you are aware that any company offering a relinquishment to be followed by a claim, would not be able to present such a claim for the reasons stated above. Please be very careful when choosing a claims company.

In addition to servicing ITRA clients, since July 2016, ECC has referred 700 cases to Maxima 1 Legal SL and 400 cases to Messrs. Pinder Reaux in the UK.