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This website has been set up so the public can read the truth without exaggeration and bias. Everything stated in this website can be proved.

The timeshare industry in Europe is largely represented by the Resort Development Organisation (RDO) which was previously known as the Organisation for Timeshare in Europe (OTE). Because of the bad reputation of timeshare the OTE changed its name to RDO but all its members and modus operandi remained the same.

It was almost impossible for timeshare owners to cancel their contracts and most were pursued by debt collectors or summoned to court.

The purchasers believed that they had bought an investment and would be able to take holidays with little increase in maintenance fees and in addition, purchasers thought that they could exchange their timeshares like for like and season for season which was one of the main incentives to purchase.

Many timeshare purchasers were financed by major banks such as Barclays Partner Finance, Shawbrook, Hitachi and GE Money.

In most cases, it was the timeshare salesmen who represented the bank but the companies that employed these salesmen were not regulated by the Office of Fair Trading/Financial Conduct Authority to carry on regulated activities such as credit brokering.

This meant that in numerous cases there was no credit check or customer appraisal as to affordability, health and age, which a regulated person or company would have had to carry out.

Even when a resort agreed to cancel a contract, the client was left with a substantial bank loan which many could not afford to repay.

The reality is that maintenance fees increased year by year far higher than annual inflation and it was almost impossible to get the exchange which was promised at the point of sale.

Because of external pressure, most resorts implemented an exit policy but this meant paying a termination fee which in some cases was as much as 6 years’ annual maintenance fees.

In addition, timeshare owners had to sign a declaration that they would not take any action against their resort for mis-selling or breach of contract.

The RDO set up and financed Kwikchex, Timeshare Taskforce and Timeshare Business Check, the object of these entities being to discredit any company which attempted to assist clients in cancelling their contracts or claiming a refund of their monies.

These entities never reported any mis-selling or breach of contract by members of the RDO who are the main culprits for ripping off people with exaggerations and complete mis-selling.

If timeshare had been sold with the truth and with a fair exit policy, there would never have been any need for any claims companies to exist.